Club Penguin Coming To The Wii

The frosty virtual world of Club Penguin comes to the Nintendo Wii this September in Disney Interactive's Club Penguin Game Day. Players will compete in mini-games to conquer an island, and will have the ability to upload coins earned to


    Yay! Exactly what the Wii needs, more shovelware.

      it is not shovelware.

      My daughter and many of her friends love the game. So just cause you don't like it, or may not have played it you can't say it is shovelware...

      You are the not the intended market for this game.

      Club penguin is an addictive (and costly) mmo game that kids love. For a parent however it is safe, moderated live by actual people and they have an office is Australia/Sydney to deal with complaints and payment.

      I think this is great!

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