Cole Sports A Sharp New Look In inFamous 2

Coming as a surprise to no one, Game Informer's July issue confirms the sequel to Sucker Punch's PlayStation 3 superhero hit inFamous, with a cover showing off a new look for series protagonist Cole MacGrath.

inFamous 2 is no real surprise. Soy registered back in April, and voice actors were talking about auditioning for the sequel in October of last year.

What is a surprise is Cole MacGrath's new, more practical look. Gone is the black and yellow leather jacket of the first game, replaced with a sensible t-shirt and jeans ensemble that complements Cole's darker hair quite nicely.

Along with the new look comes new powers, a new city, and a new enemy worth of Cole's attentions.

Anything more than that will have to wait until the July issue of Game Informer hits store shelves, or E3 2010, which kicks off on June 15.

July Cover Revealed: Infamous 2 [Game Informer]


    Nah that looks too plain for my liking. Like he's going down to the shops for milk & bread.

    He better still have the bag.

    I liked the old style, he looked like someone you wouldn't want to mess with. Now he just looks like an average joe.

    While I can rationalise the trendy clothes (it could be that he may be trying to lay low after the events of the first game in a different city), hair?

    COME ON?

    i want sly 4

    Yep, he still has the messenger bag there.

    The buildings in the background look at little older which is interesting.

    But I have to say, if I had all these powers I wouldn't be dressing in plain tshirt and jeans. I would be hiring the costume designers from the 'dancing with the stars' crew to sew me up some badass hero suit, complete with sequins of course!

    doesn't look as badass.


    his face doesn't even look anything like before

    He doesn't even look like Cole!

    I’m guessing they will set this game about 5 years after the first. That would justify the use of a different voice actor, and the whole game being set in a different city. But I don’t like the new design, his clothes look exactly like the British bad guy in Uncharted 2. Anyway I hope with this game both sides of the story are great, in the first game it was obvious they wanted you to be a bad guy, because the plot is paper thin if you are the good guy.

    It's hard to see but I think he's got white gloves and white 3/4 length sleeves under his shirt? That looks cool. I like the hair, there's been too many bald game characters lately.

    Is this not artwork for Star Wars: The Force Unleased?

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