Could This Be Gamers' ShamWow?

It may not effortlessly remove cola, wine and pet stains, but the Cyber Clean absolutely needs a fast-talking, hooker-beating sales guy.

This slab of neon green slime is meant to be pressed firmly into the orifices of your gadgets, gaming devices and electronics to suck up dirt, dust and, as our own Luke Plunkett so disturbingly puts it, "moustache flakes".

I tested it out on a few things and found that its ability to attract scum was not as great as its ability to get wedged into tiny gaps and break free of the mother slime ball. I used it on my keyboard, controller and DS XL and it sort of cleaned them. But when I tried it on a remote control and pulled it away from the buttons, I discovered a tiny snotling still wedged under the number two button. It took a good minute to pull the sucker free and smack it back into the glob.

I think I'll pass on this thing.


    We are Trapper Keeper...

    ive been using these things for a year or so and find them pretty good. i only use it on my keyboards mainly though.

    It's in my raccoon wounds! Ughh!

    Good work Matthew, getting me to awake my girlfriend mid weekend sleep-in with snorts of laughter and all.


    Lol @ "99.999%".
    "I mean sure, we could put 99.9%, but why don't you just put another two 9's on there, people will buy our product like the hottest of hot cakes!"

      Personally I don't buy anything that removes less than 99.9999% of harmful particles.

      Notice also that it has an asterisk but no obvious comment related to the asterisk. No doubt on the back in tiny writing almost impossible to read it says
      *Not a guarantee

        *provided bacteria is willing to lay down arms and come peacefully.

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