Counter Strike: Source Hits Mac, On Sale

The rollout of Valve classics to Mac OS continues this week with oldie-but-goodie Counter Strike: Source, which in addition to getting a "major update" is on sale the next two days for $US6.80.

That's two-thirds off the normal price. The update delivers new stats and game summary screens, plus more than 140 achievements. The game adds an end-round MVP and a death cam, in addition to the standard batch of game and Steam features.

The game offers PC vs Mac cross-platform play, per the norm. Same ownership rules, too - if you own the PC version on Steam, you own it on Mac.

Counter Strike: Source [Steam]


    With rumours of Steam on the ps3 I'm hoping that they don't make you buy the games again if you already own them as they've done here. It's a good idea.

    84% and downloading

    Sweet! Downloaded, now to get around this work situation...

    Thanks Valve!

    say hello to more hackers

    Also, their upgrading it to the Orange Box engine last I heard.

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