Create Your Own Scott Pilgrim Avatar

Create Your Own Scott Pilgrim Avatar

Ever wonder what you’d look like as a character from Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series? Probably much better than you do in real life, if my picture from the Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator is any indication.

The video game reference riddled Scott Pilgrim Vs The World movie is coming in August, and the official website is slowly filling up with goodies to keep eager fans satiated until the big day comes. Goodies like the Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator, which lets you reimagine yourself as a character straight from the books.

Enter your name and age, accept your title, and then customise to your heart’s content until you come up with something vaguely resembling you.

And then share them in the comments section.

Scott Pilgrim Character Creator [Official Website – Thanks Emily!]


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