Creative Boss Is Said To Walk Out On Assassin's Creed

Game Informer is reporting that Patrice Désilets, the creative director for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed, may have left his job just as the publisher is speeding the sequelisation of the very successful franchise.

Ubisoft's official statement to Game Informer was the standard no comment for rumour or speculation, and its public relations office added they were unable to contact anyone at Ubisoft Montréal, where Desilets was creative director.

Ubisoft recently announced plans to follow an Activision-style model with its most popular series, producing annual iterations of its most popular brands. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is due out a year after Assassin's Creed II's November 2009 release. If Désilets has left it's unknown what motivated his departure, but certainly speculation is fixating on this philosophical shift.

Désilets wouldn't have trouble finding work at another shop, and won't have to go far if he doesn't want to. THQ has a new studio in Montréal, focused on delivering its first titles in 2013. Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. Interactive also call the city home.

Patrice Désilets Walks Away From Ubisoft And Assassin's Creed? [Game Informer]


    Way to pimp-out another compelling series, guys. As much as I love the Assissin's Creed universe, I won't have the time or money to indulge an ongoing annual series. I'd rather three compelling, polished titles that tell a satisfying story than an endless stream of increasingly disparate mythology. See Metal Gear Solid...

      Metal Gear Solid games don't come out every year. Assassins Creed games so far have been great, and it is sad that Ubisoft is wanting more sequels sooner because the games are selling well. This Patrice fellow has done the intelligent thing and moved on. It would be frustrating having to make a rushed sequel to two excellent games that you have spent much time and effort working on.

      Metal Gear: 1987
      Metal Gear 2: 1990
      Metal Gear Solid: 1998
      Metal Gear Solid 2: 2001
      Metal Gear Solid 3: 2004
      Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops: 2006
      Metal Gear Solid 4: 2008
      Metal Gear Solid (5) Peace Walker: 2010
      Metal Gear Solid Rising: Potentially 2011, should be noted that all of the MGS4 team went to work on Peace Walker, and a separate team is working on Rising.

      So tell me, how is Metal Gear Solid released every year? Apart from Rising, which I explained before, each game took at least 2 years to make.

      Just because you may not like a particular series, does not mean you should discredit it and call it an "endless stream of increasingly disparate mythology". It's a highly successful series, so you may not like, and by all means, don't. Not everyone does, everyone has their own tastes. But to dismiss one of the more popular series is foolish.

      I do agree with what you're trying to say however. I would prefer a well thought out game that takes two years to make, instead of some half-assed replacement crap trying to be shoved down our throats. Ubisoft has really taken a turn for the worse. I'd rather the team work on AC3, instead of releasing Brotherhood.

    No this is not what we want, don't kill a potentially successfull series ubisoft.

    This is just going to turn into another flogging the soon to be dead cash-cow isn't it.

    Whilst I disagree with Ubisoft if they do copy Activision's current business style WITH Assassin's Creed - I do have faith in Brotherhood.

    AC is a game that needs a proper time spent with development. Throwing out a game that large with only a years development will show in the game and people will turn their heads away from it.

    I'm looking forward to Brotherhood so much, cause its something different in a tradition way... thats my opinion from whats been given on paper anyway.

    But I don't want a proper sequel every year. A new story/chracter (perhaps) every 2 years is fine. AC 3 Nov. 2011
    Hopefully this Brotherhood thing and the multiplayer is just more of an expansion in a way and using it to test new things.

    They will kill the franchise otherwise. A FPS can be thrown out yearly - each may not be that great, but decent. A game the capacity of AC cannot!

      That is still a new AC game every year, with the current schedule as brotherhood is being released this year I would rather not have another AC game till 2012

    He was quite persistent that AC wouldnt be the 'milking' type of game/series.

    Yearly release kill franchises. Waiting a few years between games mean we don't get bored of them and if you make each game a masterpiece they live forever in our memories.

    I know games are a buisness and that to make money they need product but think how many franchises have become saturated. Look at Tomb Raider too much of a good thing (Lara) made the later titles fairly meh, now they want to bring her back but they need to show us they give a damn about quality.

    I'd hate to hear AC1 was OK, AC2 was brilliant, AC:B was great and AC3,4,5 where just a joke milking the franchise for all it's worth.

    The thing is how do you do this with AC without ruining it things like Cod and that its less about the game itself and much more like a new multipleyer Xpac

    i mean you cant release an open world game everyear with a slightly different story without people dropping off fast

    not to mention something like AC which is story driven is even worse because spamalot games tend to have there story just dovetail into the ground

    AC1 was pretty lame imo ACII got better and had ptotential and ideas that seemed to be laid as testing for the next game hopefully they still finish the arc with number 3 and creater there annuals with a different story thread

    Wow, this sucks big time. Assassin's Creed has quickly become one of my favourite franchises, partly because it seemed to a game that as going somewhere, like say, an ending.

    I started getting concerned when Brotherhood was announced, mainly because its seems like they're going out of their way to be coy about it. Pretty much the only thing that's known about it is that has multiplayer, nothing about how it fits into the story.

    Now it seems pretty much confirmed in my mind that AC is going to become another franchise that Ubisoft is going to completely run into the ground by going for quantity over quality. Bummer.

    People say the annual release thing has ruined Call of Duty but I would argue it hasn't given the games made by Treyarch are not the same (or even follow the same plotline) of the Infinity Ward games. Just because World At War came out between Modern Warfare 1 and Modern Warfare 2 didn't ruin the Modern Warfare storyline or enjoyment of playing.

    It's the same principle of spin off tv shows. Does the fact that Torchwood (which isn't bad but it hasn't been loved as much as Doctor Who) exists ruin Doctor Who? I wouldn't say so.

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