Curvy Onechanbara Actress Comes To New Yakuza Game

Remember the feature film version of D3's bikini-wearing cowgirl hack-and-slash game Onechanbara? No, not the first one. The sequel, Onechanbara The Movie VORTEx.

The ample star of the second Onechanbara film, Yuu Tejima, will be bring her assets to the upcoming Yakuza PSP game, Yakuza: New Chapter Black Panther.


Model Anne Nakamura will also be appearing in the game.

Nakamura will be playing a pole dancer!

She will be joined by former "Happie nuts" magazine fashion model Aya Hoshi, who will be playing a bar hostess.

Something is... off. Somethings, rather.

Yakuza: New Chapter Black Panther will be released this September in Japan.

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    They don't really need her there they just want to spend some quality 'studio' time with her.


    Fap fap fap.

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