Darksiders PC Delayed (But Will Come In A Fancy Box)

The PC version of Darksiders isn't going to make June. It's been pushed back to September.

Bummer! On the bright side, the delay may be made more palatable by the fact PC owners will be able to snap up a "Hellbook Edition" of the game, which comes in a fancy box and includes some art cards, a comic book, soundtrack and art book.

Publisher THQ's British site lists a date of September 24; if we hear anything different for the US or Australia, we'll let you know.


    Can use Xbox 360 controller for PC with the game?

    Would be fantastic if my PC could play it - games like this feel better gameplay wise on consoles anyway... well in my opinion at least...

    I would still love it for the collectibles alone though...

    And jeff, you can actually by 360 controllers specifically made for PC... pretty ure you can get them from EB games... if not, ebay is always king.

      More like games like this feel badassed on my PC with its wireless, remappable controllers and 8 ft projector screen. I think I feel like playing some RE5 about now, hell yeah.

        Capcom have been very kind to PC gamers with their ports. RE5 is amazing on PC. Shame about the massive delays to see these titles get released on the PC though!

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