Dead Nation, When Left 4 Dead Goes Super Stardust

Super Stardust HD developers Housemarque know twin-stick shooters. And there isn't a target more ideal than walking rotting flesh. Hence, Dead Nation, a PlayStation 3 exclusive that had better be at E3 2010.

Dead Nation was originally unearthed at last year's Gamescom, but Housemarque and Sony have been a bit quiet on its progress since then. Based on the brief snippet of gameplay in this new trailer for the PlayStation Network game, things are looking up.


    looks a lot like Nation Red

    PS exclusive? Damn!
    Looks like a beefed up version of Zombie Shooter which is fantastic!
    Much better than that crap zombie game on XBLA now. The name escapes me due to its crappyness.

    : / top down shooter though?

    I dont know why but I cant stand all these zombie top down shooters. They just feel cheaper than a top notch L4D budget game.. They make the game out to be so good. Make it more immersive, make its fps plz.

    Looks nearly indentical to Zombie Apocalypse on XBLA.

    Will still pick it up, looks like it could be a bit of fun co-op

    PC version! *crosses fingers*

    Looks interesting... though still waiting on that Zombie MMO...

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