Dead Nation Will Pack Record Numbers Of Zombies On Screen

Dead Nation producer Damion Pinnock has thrown down the gauntlet.

He says that the upcoming zombie game, from the creators of Super Stardust HD, will have the most zombies on screen at the same time ever seen in a game.

Did you hear that Dead Rising 2? The most!


    Game looks like a better version of Dead Frontier.

    He said Dead Nation has more zombies on screen than any game of the same genre.
    Zombie Shooter has hundreds more on screen at the same time.

    Well, Im sure had Dead Risings zombies been so undetailed, and low-res as Dead Nations, and been an isometric viewpoint as well, they could pull off some neat graphical tricks to enhance the numbers.

    DR was pretty detailed and yet managed to pull off some amazing numbers, DR2 looks even moreso.

    Dead Nation just looks like Smash TV with zombies?

      You make that sound like there could be some bizarre, parallel universe where Smash TV with zombies might be regarded as a bad thing. I'm sure no such place exists.

    Looks identical to ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE...

    in australia there will only be 20 million zombies to kill minus me, kinda makes me wanna get back into gaming.

    In the first 1 minute of this video he repeats himself so many times that he only really says a few things.
    1) It's a zombie game
    2) It's for the psp and ps3
    3) There's lots of zombies
    4) Lots of zombies of various types from various angles (camera/environment) will be trying to kill you
    5) There will be a story and you can expect gameplay that revolves around killing lots of zombies that are trying to kill you
    6) You and a friend can kill lots of zombies that are trying to kill ... etc.
    7) There will be statistics to track how many zombies that you kill and this will be posted online and categorised by world nations via country flags. Sort of an online community around the killing of lots of zombies.
    8) Keep an eye out for the game and soon you will be able to kill lots of zombies.


    It amazes me that this guy is supposed to be the producer - he's blander than beige toast.

    I don't want to sound politically incorrect but I have to say I didn't expect him to have a somewhat posh English accent when I saw the thumbnail.

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