Dead Rising 2 Prequel Gets All Serious On Us

I was originally sceptical of the need for a short "prequel" to the events of Dead Rising 2. This trailer, however, shows it might be worth a look.

Not for the cheap perks it promises at the end, but for the emotional punch it delivers in the beginning. For a game that's so far sold itself on moose heads and dirtbikes, it's a surprisingly soft direction for a Dead Rising game to take, and I like it.


    I want this now....... looks amazing. I loved the first game but only couls save about 3 people, the controls and camera sucked and while the gameplay was awesome, i always killed the stoooopid NPCs.

    Looking forward to this... when it this prologue or whatever out?

    looks pretty coolskies


    Hm, I'm interested. I don't have a HD TV so while I have dead rising I've never been able to play it properly. I didn't get to save anyone for that reason. It makes it hard, because I love zombie games. I think that by getting this, it'll be the decider for me.

      Grab a 24" LCD monitor for $199 and get yourself some high-def gaming action! Seriously, sell a kidney and you'll have change!

    Man, it is getting so that Dad's are the hardest of the hard core if you believe games...

    I'm in for this one.

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