Dead Space 2 Box Art More About Isaac, Less About Dismembered Hands

EA lifted the veil on the box art for Dead Space 2 today, well in advance of the game's release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Gone is the sci-fi space gore in favour of Isaac Clarke face time. Like it?


    yep, like it, simplistic but great

    Kinda bugs me how the '2' isn't centred (I'm OCD like that) but otherwise pretty good.

    Looks good, but I think it should be zoomed in a bit more so that his face fills up more of the cover. There's too much, uh... "dead space" around the edges.

      boom tish!

      But yeah, I agree. Too much nothing. Though I think they should zoom out, showing maybe a metallic doorway around him (maybe with blood stains and bloody scribbles of the language from the first game?), and "Dead Space 2" filling up more space.

        Having a hallway with a doorway at the end, him in that doorway holding a plasma cutter and small parts of the necromorph in the hallway making it look like they were coming towards him would of been cool. Maybe he could of been aiming the plasma cutter at them and the 3 beams of blue light ar going down the box and facing you.

          But that would take away the whole survival horror feel of the game and just represent a whole: "Kill with awesome cutter."

          Although I do like this cover art, I don't know if I feel the same about the eyes.

    cant wait the first one was great

    I didn't know a lot of graphic designers come on Kotaku... would love to see some of their work.

    Game covers really don't matter to me, I guess i'm just normal like that. i do agree the 2 should be centered, i didn't notice it until a second look. In some weird 'marketing, graph, survey matter' it could affect sales cause people think its the first Dead Space with a different cover.

    But yeah... when game covers start affecting the gameplay of a game, then i'll start criticising them in a way that I won't buy the game unless I like it.

      On a side note;

      I think of Transformers when I see this game cover.

      By your logic, you have no right to criticise gameplay unless you're a game designer yourself...

        By logic, I can criticise anything I like - especially something I purchase and own.

    The simplicity of this is pretty refreshing in comparison to some of the cluttered and ugly covers we've been getting lately. Most notable was Darksiders; I mean, holographic GRUNGE? It was bad enough the colour scheme was horrendously ugly in the first place.

    It's good, but I would've liked to see just the lights from the helmet on a dark background, nothing else.

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