Dead Space Extraction Guiding Its Way To PS3, Xbox 360?

Visceral Games' sci-fi horror experience Dead Space Extraction appears to be making the leap from critically successful, commercially disappointing Wii game to high-definition do-over, thanks to EA Montreal.

Dead Space Extraction was outed as a PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade candidate earlier this year, when we reported on publisher EA's interest in bringing the game to a more welcoming audience. The "full HD" game was listed as a possible incentive for Dead Space 2 purchasers that could carry a $US15 price tag.

Now it appears a lot more likely, as an Electronic Arts rendering engineer lists the following game experience, via NeoGAF, currently in the works at EA Montreal.

Dead Space Extraction XBLA/PSN port (Feb 2010 – Now):

- Currently porting the popular Wii title based on EuroCom's EngineX to XBLA and PSN.

Dead Space Extraction for PSN and XBLA feels like the right move, a way for fans of the original to experience the Wii-only title on the platforms they prefer. As a pre-order or original purchase incentive, it - and that other rumoured Dead Space game, Planet Cracker - would fit in nicely with EA's Project Ten Dollar scheme.

Plus, the more Dead Space the better, we say.


    Sounds cool, but I've only got about 690MB on my 60GB hard drive and DS:E will surely be 1 or 2GB, and I'm not spending $200 just to get a bigger hard drive.

      Just a heads up, you can use pretty much any USB drive for up to an additional 16 gig.

        Yeah I know, I'd just prefer to keep everything on one storage device, and 16GB will fill up pretty fast. Especially when some XBLA games are up to 2GB. I like to have the trials for every XBLA game on my hard drive, so if I want to buy one all I have to do is purchase it and it's ready to play straight away, instead of having to wait for it to download. I'm a little bit anal that way.

        I've got about 112 full XBLA games at the moment, they always have a good "deal of the week" most weeks.

          Then you should seriously cut the whinging!

            Ooookaaay, I don't know what I said to upset you good sir, but you have a nice day :)

              Well.. you are kinda coming across as whining about the expensive price of the HDDs for 360, although you do have good reason to.
              But Riavan states a great feature that MS have offered because of the issue that people are running outta space, even on large HDDs like 120GB and even 250GB.

              Its not that hard to copy them onto the USB and keep them in a drawer near your 360. Even label them... just put DLC from games on their, that would make labelling them easier. EG: Fallout 3 could be for just 1 USB among other games...

              But you pretty much just cry that you CBF'd doing that cause you like them all on one hard drive... so really you should be whinging that your running outta space when you clearly CBF'd doing anything to resolve the issue. I gather you are someone who would complain about numerous discs with ME2 or FF XIII aswell??

    wonder if there waiting for 'move'?

    Veeery interesting. I've just finished my third playthrough of Dead Space (impossible difficulty to 100% the achievements), so I really want to play Extraction...

    This was definately my Game of the Year for 2009.
    My favourite games are light gun games.

    So will they be releasing a light gun for Xbox 360? I hope so.

    One of the main reasons i bought a Wii was for the light gun games. But was disappointed when i found you cant actually use a "Gun" holster for the Wiimote as it can not be setup for eye level. I am happy to just use the Wiimote though so at least that works ok.

    Just last week i bought 4 x Time Crises for PSX at the local markets for $5 each. I already owned it, now have 5 copies.

      "So will they be releasing a light gun for Xbox 360?"

      Maybe you have to get Project Natal, put your hands up like you're holding a gun and go pew pew.

      Wow, five copies of Time Crisis, I guess that means you'll have 5 times the fun.

    A light gun game without a light gun? No thank you.

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