Demon's Souls Actually Selling In Europe

Demon's Souls has only just come out in Europe, after an agonising delay. If you thought the wait would mean most of the target audience would have imported and passed on the local release, though, you're dead wrong.

It seems people were willing to wait (or were convinced to buy it a second time because of the PAL version's fancy box), as the game has debuted on the British charts in seventh place, an incredible achievement considering its niche appeal.

So well done, Namco Bandai, for having the guts to publish the game in the Old World, and well done to everyone that picked it up, because it'll send a message that stuff like this can happen more often.


    "because of the PAL version’s fancy box"
    +1. I was more than happy to pay for this game twice, the extras and less-laggy PvP made it more tha worthwhile in my book.

    I was interested to get the imported copy after all that end of year stuff about it but it seems everyone else in Adelaide was too as it became near impossible to find at Game Traders. I was really glad they had sold out as I would have been kicking myself to miss out on the awesome edition we got here.

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