Deus Ex Turns 10

This week, classic PC title Deus Ex turns ten. They grow up so fast! To celebrate, you can buy it for $US2.50.


    Icewind Dale turned 10 this week, too!

    Nostalgia. It sucks :(

    I do wanna reinstall it, except that it doesn't work on my laptop! :@

    just bought it on steam, so i guess that poster is true...

    It's only 720mb, I don't see why anyone would uninstall it.

    My favourite game of all time.

    Grabbed it for AU$2- at GAME shop in Midland. Women and children wept.

    Original Deus Ex is definitely one of my favourite games. I love the multilayered story and the various ways to get through the game.

    Still my favourite game after all this time. So happy when I managed to get it to work on a Windows 7 multi core gaming rig. :P

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