Disney Is Completely Serious About These Tron Action Figures

Disney unleashes the first product shots of their massive Tron Legacy toy and electronics line, including mice, keyboards, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers, and action figures with cutting-edge impulse light projection technology that makes them extremely ugly.

You can expect plenty of Tron Legacy junk on store shelves come this December, including the 12-inch tall Ultimate Sam Flynn figure above, which looks nearly as silly as the toys they released with the original Tron movie. For $US40, you can be the proud owner of the first action figure incorporating impulse light projection technology. Like the characters in the movie, Sam's face is projected onto the helmet of the action figure, where it appears ridiculously large. The face is animated, so when the figure spouts electronic phrases, it moves its mouth. Creepy.

Creep and expensive, especially considering the technology doesn't look any better than that of the holographic Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light toys from the '80s.

The action figure may be lame, but there are several nifty products on the way that stick with the whole black with blue lines motif, instead of getting all fancy. Razer is doing up keyboards and mice for $US79-$US139, and PDP will have Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers for $US49.99 apiece. A bit pricey for a wired controller. The Wii version, also due out later this year, will be wireless, because it has to be.,

So, what do you think? Creepy, cool, or both?


    If you could take a photo of someones head and put it in the helmet... that would be awesome. Family pet photo frame ahoy!

      I was thinking the same thing. Prime opportunity for some C&B. However Disney are a C&B free environment. hopefully someone hacks it :-)

    love the keyboard, love the mouse!
    the xbox controller looks a little bit plasticy, but good nonetheless.

    The keyboard made my loins move...

    If they make a wireless TRON 360 controller, i'll be buying!
    and i agree, that iPhone dock looks preeeeeetty sweet!

    Did anyone read about the remote control Tron bikes. Apparently if one crosses over anothers path they will shut down. So it emulates the wall left behind and the crashing into it.
    Oh yeah - and they drive up walls and across the ceiling. Now it sounds like i am making it this up, maybe i dreamt it.

    It looks like the guy is doing blue steel

    Holy crap those peripherals just gave me a nerdgasm. The keyboard's retro Tron lines will make any nerd feel like a hacker.

    Not so sold on the figures, but still better than Tron Guy.

    reading this and looking at the photos, I tended to agree some of it looks silly, but when you watch the video of the animated projection on the figures, it's quite impressive. The wall climbing Bike is also pretty innovative.

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