Disney, These Are Amazing Controllers

Custom, third-party controllers can often be a disaster of cheap plastic and tacky design, but these peripherals for upcoming Disney games, manufactured by Performance Designed Products, are an exception to that sorry rule.

For Wii title Epic Mickey, this paintbrush and charging station are perfect for old-school Disney fans (if not discerning gamers), while for older, perhaps more serious types there are these Tron controllers for the 360, PS3 and Wii that are about as perfect for the franchise as you could hope for.

The Tron stuff will be out later this Fall, and they're $US50 each. The Epic Mickey Gear doesn't yet have a release date or price.

PDP And Disney Team For Tron And Epic Mickey Controllers [Game Informer]


    Okay, I thought this was silly until I saw the tron controller, then I squealed like a little girl.

      Yeah but why isn't it wireless?

        I know it sucks. I *THINK* its something along the lines of them owning the rights to whatever the technology is for wireless products on the 360.

        They don't allow 3rd party accessories using the wireless. Good for MS cause people buy their controllers (even if they break within 12 months or the rechargeable batteries eff up or the dashboard button goes all dodge or it doesn't COME with a rechargeable battery) but it sucks cause stuff like the MW2 controller from Mad Catz was wired and this is wired.

        If Disney allowed MS to make a custom Tron controller, it would be wireless. But gotta settle for this unfortunately.

    I want that Tron controller now... thats probably the most awesome controller i've ever seen.

    Hang on, is that Tron controller corded? Nice future technology guys...

    Drool. That Tron controller. I wants it.

    Put a flashy light on something and people will buy it. That tron controller is a perfect example.


    But this is some quality looking products. Worth investing for.. Now we need some kinda skin for the actual wii.. say something like a castle.

    Loving the art style, going back to good old walt disney

    Microsoft don't let other developers use wireless for their controllers. I don't really know why but it has pretty much prevented 3rd party ones coming out as everybody wants the wireless one.

    I like the Tron controllers for the look at what I have bling factor. And I hate to admit it but I'd buy the 360 one if I found it for say $50 Aus because than I'd have 4 controllers (2 White, 1 EX2 Fight stick and Wired Tron) for old school arcade games.

    I like how the Epic Mickey Nunchuk set is made for lefties like me, and da Vinci, and Michelangelo, and Link.

    Well not Wii Twilight Princess Link...

    Tron controller FTW, I don't care if it's cabled, as long as it has a good breakaway and works fine for 12 months. Microsoft needs to start realising we want cool shit like this and start making it themselves, then we and they wouldn't have to worry about cheap crap 3rd party jobs. I need a new controller for 2 players, but the price of official and even some 3rd party controllers is ridiculous.

    Just wondering if the Tron Wii controller is out in Australia yet? If so, where can I buy it?

    Also is Tron on the Wii better than tron on xbox?

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