Donkey Kong Country Returns In This E3 Trailer

Donkey Kong returns in Donkey Kong Country...Returns, for the Wii, and there's not a plastic drum or Queen song in sight.

DKCR is by Retro, the guys who did Metroid Prime, and features same-screen co-op for two players. It'll be out this holiday season.




    This looks like everything we ever loved about the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on the SNES revived, updated and given a shot of adrenaline. Although oddly enough, I have to say that the new, vaguely toon-shaded graphical style makes the graphics actually look less impressive than the original pre-rendered ones.

    I've waited so many years for this... DKC is 2D platforming at its best, and it seems that they got it just right.

    While I would have much preferred a Jungle Beat sequel, this does look pretty good!

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