Donkey Kong's Back With Donkey Kong Country Returns

Retro Studios, best known for its work on the Metroid series, the Texas-based studio takes a swing at Donkey Kong with Donkey Kong Country Return, a sidescrolling platformer due out this holiday.

A trailer at E3 showed Donkey Kong romping through mine cart levels, swinging from vines and and pirate ship levels.


    well the wii's super mario game proved its still possible to remake classic side-scrollers without destroying them...and DKC was probably one of my favourite platforming series at the time. bring it on I say!:D
    (the only thing i don't like is the dull art style. DKC was notorious for the style of its environments, i would hope that a new version would still try to keep that aesthetic level.)


    After the care Retro gave the Metroid franchise, I'm pretty excited for them to take the reigns on Donkey Kong.

    Everyones laughs when I go on and on about DKC2...WHO"S laughing NOW?

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