Don’t Believe Kinect, 3DS Prices

Don’t Believe Kinect, 3DS Prices

Australian retailers are listing Microsoft’s Kinect and Nintendo’s 3DS for preorder. They’ve given them prices, too. Where did these prices come from?

Retailers have made them up. That’s where they’ve come from. EB Games, for example, lists Kinect at $198 and the 3DS at $348. Next to both prices is the caveat “Price displayed is estimated RRP.”

These prices have prompted much debate regarding whether Kinect or the 3DS represent value for money: “Two hundred bucks for Kinect? You’ve gotta be kidding!” or “A handheld for the price of a console? What a rip-off!”

The thing is, however, Microsoft and Nintendo have yet to confirm any detail regarding Australian pricing for these products.

Xbox Australia chief David McLean told me at E3 that Microsoft is still thinking about the best price point for Kinect. Even internally, he admitted, they have not yet decided on a price point for a standalone Kinect unit or a Kinect plus console bundle.

And a Nintendo Australia spokesperson this morning told me, “We do not have any pricing to announce at this time for Nintendo 3DS.”

Of course, everyone – consumers and retailers alike – is excited by new hardware. But let’s be patient and wait for the hardware companies to work out how much they’re charging before we jump in and start preordering or arguing over whether or not they’re a good deal. Yeah?


  • That’s exactly what I suspected in the comments on the Kinect pricing post last week. Retailers make it up and get free advertising as gaming blogs pick it up and run it as ‘news’

  • The way I see it, these are what retailers think are absolute maximum prices. EB can take pre-orders for these items at $198, $348, and people now will have to pay that much.

    When Microsoft/Nintendo announce that the RRP is actually cheaper than that, EB gets the difference, by saying people agreed to purchase at the price.

    Worst case scenario for EB, the RRP is above $198, $348. They’ll probably make people who pay for pre-orders pay the difference by saying “When you pre-ordered it, it was only an estimated price”

    • I was under the impression that you pay a deposit for the preorder and can then choose to pay the rest later. If it wasn’t then preorders could be cancelled, unless they had a sneaky clause in there, then remade.

    • If the price drops before the product is released, I’m pretty sure they’re legally obliged to charge you the lower price. A couple of times I’ve pre-ordered a game there and the price dropped before the game was actually released, and they’ve always refunded the money. They were even doing it en masse on Wii launch day for Twilight Princess.

      • Never understood this EB hate. Especially when it’s so ignorant of the facts. You can cancel your preorder at EB and get a full refund. Even after the game/console is realeased. Done it heaps on special editions that didn’t turn out too special.

        • not all EB’s are so forgiving ive had them try to tell me that it could only be store credit

          jump up and down and eventually they give in

          but considering they said i had to pay half of the price for the preorder (Because it was gonna be so in demand) on launch day the shelf was teeming with collecs 🙁

    • You might want to check your facts a little better, mate. EB has never asked customers to pay the initial estimated price when the actual price comes in cheaper. In fact, many will even price match other retailers that aren’t open during midnight launches, even though company policy dictates that they need to check that the store has copies in-store to price match them.

      If you’re going to jump on the EB hate-wagon, at least try finding a legitimate and real reason to do so. Otherwise you just come across as childish and ignorant.

    • You’re half right. It’s a maximum price, but when the product is released at it’s “real” price, they’ll only make customers pay the “real” price. Which means if they set the fake price high, they can drop it safely; but if they set the fake price low, they can’t legally RAISE the price, which means they’d make a loss.

      Hence they set it high to give them breathing room.

      Also I find it funny that people could rage over a $200 device price but happily slap down $200 for a ltd edition where the ‘bonus’ usually has zero use beyond gathering dust on a shelf…

      • No.

        Generally untill a price is announced EB will set the price at $9,999. Which lets staff know that no price has been confirmed and customers are welcome to deposit however much they want.

        EB only require you to pay a deposit to qualify yourself for a ‘garrunteed pre-order’, you’ll never be asked to pay the full amount, only a deposit, its easier to get the customer to pay a little than a lot.

    • Honestly I’m prepared to pay $350 for the 3DS, if I can try one out, it really works (I could never get Magic Eye puzzles) and it has the Software (Nintendo almost always does) than I’m willing to pay that. My video game maths works out to one game for every $50 I spend on the hardware.

      Wasn’t the PSP around $350 originally?

    • Hey man,
      I work for EB and we still haven’t received a set price for the 3DS.

      When Kinect was released, if someone put down $200 then they get refunded the $2 extra they put down. In no way do we keep the difference and then say, “tough shit, that’s how much you put down”.

      We never give a price until we know it for sure from the company itself.
      Like you say, that would be stupid and would make people pissed if they were told one thing and then had to pay something different.


  • Here here Dave, but considering its come out today that Kinect is apparently going to cost $150 USD a unit to manufacturer (which i think is surprising?!) then i think we can expect an expensive piece of kit!

    That said, i would buy 3DS for 349, just sayin!

  • I imagine Nintendo and Microsoft will be looking at consumer reaction to these prices and taking it into consideration as they decide to set a price.

  • More like Microsoft and Nintendo are using EBGames’s price as guideline… if a lot of people preorder, then they will use the EBgames price, if not enough people preorder, they will reduce the price.

    As for EBgames, if when Kinect comes out and it only cost $150, EBgames will not charge you $198, because they will get sued, and they will lose even more when they get sued.

  • Those estimated RRPs piss me off. EB Games did that with the Halo: Reach Legendary edition – setting it at $199. Two weeks later the price went up $20. I’m fine if they state the price as TBA or something (Game do that, I think) but that ‘estimating’ price is just shoddy tactics.

    On the topic of Kinect pricing, yet another leak from an online store appeared about the price. But this time, its Microsoft’s own online store:

    I think the price for me isn’t the concern anymore. As someone on here pointed out previously, if you compare the price to regular controllers, it weighs up favourably. The concern are the launch titles, and those alone will make me wait just that bit longer.

  • They’re just converting from the US prices to AUS dollars, trying to get our money with pre-orders, how dare they guesstimate! lol and as far as I can remember you can pre-order things without paying the full price, so I don’t see why anyones complaining.

  • I got caught out by this, actually.
    I was browsing around the EB site and the 3DS must have just been updated for their site. $348, flat out. I momentarily balked at this, because, as everyone’s saying, it’s a hefty price for a portable. Then someone pointed out to me later that it’s just their estimated price. I know there’s practically a big sticker that says it right under the price, but I swear it wasn’t there when I had first checked.

  • “A handheld for the price of a console? What a rip-off!”
    what’s wrong with that statement? the latest renditions of the archaic DS and PSP HAVE been quite a bit more expensive than consoles… now they are brining out handhelds with actually decent tech in them!? lord help us! the current DSi is already as much as a wii and a decent xbox, by logical predictions, given the tech awesomeness to price ratio of the dsi, we should expect the 3DS to be around $2399!

  • The DSi was $299, and excused because it added a camera and bigger screens.

    Saying the 3DS is $349, would not be a suprise because it does contain all of the above with the added 3D camera and 3D screens.

    • The XL and DSi are overpriced as they are, they’re FAR FAR cheaper overseas and have got many a price drop. Only the one here so far.

      I think the 3DS will slot into the $299 but XL will stick in there at that price until that happens.

      On topic: EB making up stuff? No wai!

  • $349 seems very overpriced… for every country that isn’t Australia…

    Like it or not, this will most liekly be the price of the console in Aus, given the DSi XL’s cost of $299.

    Play-Asia is your friend, people! Imports FTW!

  • Must say i hate the people that say

    “A handheld for the price of a console? What a rip-off”

    Yes, a brand new handheld, for the price of a 5-year old console, how horrible

  • hi. there. even. $350. for. 3D. is. still. cheap. look. at. sony. 3D. tv. $3,500. too. $5,300. plus. 3D. ps3. or 3D. blu-ray. player. add. $600. plus. 3D. glasses. $600. thats. like. $6,500. too $7,500. soo. sony. epic. fail. nintendo. 3DS. epic. win

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