Don't Worry, Pikmin Is Still Coming

Nintendo's E3 press conference came and went without a single mention of the Pikmin game we'd been promised. So where is it? Nintendo tells us it's coming, just... not today.

Speaking at an informal round-table discussion this afternoon, Nintendo designer Shogeru Miyamoto said that while the game is still in development, the company chose not to show it today, for fear that after the big reveals of the 3DS and new Zelda game it'd be overwhelmed.

So be still, Pikmin fans. Your day is coming. It's just not today.


    Gah.. While I am enjoying the other games they have been showing off, I have been dying for Pikmin for so long now this is just annoying. It's the one title I did want to see this E3.

    A new Pikmin game was the only piece of Nintendo news I was hoping for.

    I simply cannot wait for a new pikmin game.

    My only problem? Im guessing im gonna have to go out and get a Wii to play it, Pikmin 1 and 2 are still sitting quite nicely beside my gamecube.

    le sigh. I've waited for a new Pikmin game for ages, still no satisfaction. Who gives a crap about Mario when there's Pikmin?

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