Dragon Age: Origins Gets The Anime Treatment

EA, BioWare, and Japanese animation distributor FUNimation have teamed up to create an animated movie based on the award-winning role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins. Production began last month, with a direct-to-video release slated for 2011.


    Feh... Why not get a non-Anime animation studio to do this stuff? I'm sick of Anime. Give some Euro or Yank studios a chance to do something. Bring new style not the same old shit.

      Because non-anime cartoons are terribad.

    What's the bet that either Morrigan or Leilana (or both) will have overly endowed chests compared to their non modded game versions?? :)

    Dragon Age: Origins just doesn't seem like a game appropriate for a Japanese-style animation. Should have stuck to western animation given the game character's themselves look more 'western'.

    I have no problem against anime but the whole Animatrix/Halo Legends/Batman: Gotham Knight thing is just a gimmick, most of the shorts are bad.

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