Driver Has An Out-of-Body Experience

Tanner's back, and apparently he can release an astral projection. During Ubisoft's press conference we learned of Driver: San Francisco's "Shift" feature, in which Tanner may float in suspended time from one car to another, continuing the action from it.

Demonstrating the game, Ubisoft's Martin Edmondson said that Tanner's been involved in a terrible accident and put in a coma, and it is from this state that he can project out of a crashed vehicle for example, and into a completely different one, continuing the action from it.

Integrating that kind of game feature into the story of what has been a pretty straightforward guns-and-cars narrative will be challenging. Does this mean that the entire story being told is Tanner's dream? As described, it sounds like a type of God-mode coming to a police drama. It's innovative, and it's intended to be the means through which you explore an open world "full of life and full of missions."

Given this is an Ubisoft game, it sounds somewhat like Assassin's Creed; instead of Desmond in the Animus adventuring through his memory, it's Tanner in a coma doing the same with his subconscious.

Considering the 1970s motifs of Driver: San Francisco the coma and the strange metaphysical journey of a police officer, I first thought of the TV show Life on Mars. And while critically applauded, that TV show had only two seasons in the UK, and just one in the US.


    Yeah, I read about this earlier today on, and was like WTF. They're using the main character from the worst game in the Driver series, and making him have out of body experiences. What the hell, I thought this was Driver, not the bloody Twilight Zone.

    Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised when I see some in-game footage, but I doubt it.

      The worst Driver in the series!?

      Tanner was in both Driver 1 and 2, the only good games in the series.

      And here is some gameplay...

        Oops! I never got to play the second one, and it's been a long time since I played the first one (my alzheimers must be acting up again) :)

      :S At least we get another DRIVER game to play

    You can read more about Driver: San Francisco in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine - Australia. OPS has a six page feature about it. Subscribers got their copies today, but it's on sale tomorrow.

    The original Driver is still the best.

    Tanner must be getting pretty old these days, from the look of those police cars this is set pretty modern day.

    Dear Owen, do your research on Life on Mars before talking bollocks. That show is of critical acclaim in the UK which continued in the sequel series Ashes to Ashes.

      Dear Junch: How's he talking bollocks when he's right?

      Good show or not, it was canned in the USA because quite frankly it sucked. The English version was quite good, but it too ended abruptly.

      Indeed it got continued in Ashes to Ashes, but trolling the guy like that was of no use because all he did was point out something factual.

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