Driver Is Back With An All-New... Teaser

Ubisoft is counting down to next Monday, when it will presumably unveil the new Driver video game it's teasing in this brand new video that's certainly heavy on driving but gameplay-barren.

According to the site, "DRIVER is back!" This teaser for the still unannounced Driver sequel is a "live action remake of the tutorial mission of 1999 DRIVER" and foretells a "big announcement at E3". There's one clue hidden within, an "SF" key chain that looks a lot like the San Francisco 49ers logo.

So, either the next Driver is set in San Francisco or Ubisoft has secured the NFL licence from EA and has a very subtle way of revealing that bombshell.


    I'm betting that it's going to be a full HD remake of the original Driver (what an awesome game). We don't have to wait long to find out.

      Now there's an awesome idea. I *loved* that game on PS1 :) Greatest videogame car chases ever :)

    The start of the video was VERY similar to the start up video on Driver PS1. Im actually very excited now. PLEASE dont let me down!

      What do you mean "very similar"? It's exactly the same!! I'm just glad that its going back to its roots - I hated Parallel lines and the way it tried to cash in on the GTA market. I mean there was a whole level in there where you shot up a prison and TK wonders why he was in prison for 28 years, the stupid douche. Driver is about driving. That's why it rocks and I'm pumped for this.

    Well that video brings back memory's. I must of played that a solid 8 years ago, I remember it being very hard.

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