Duke Nukem Lawsuit Settled And Tossed

The breach-of-contract lawsuit filed against the longtime developer of the longtime-developed Duke Nukem Forever has been settled and ended. Both sides agreed to pay their own legal costs, and neither can sue on the same grounds again.

Shacknews was first to report that Take-Two Interactive's suit against 3D Realms/Apogee Ltd was dismissed with a very brief stipulation signed and filed May 28 by both sides, who agreed to terminate the litigation and pay their own bills. Further, the matter is "dismissed with prejudice", which means neither side can bring their claims again.

When 3D Realms let go all of its staff on Duke Nukem Forever last May, having burned through its cash for the project, Take-Two filed suit alleging the studio had money in offshore accounts to keep development going. Apogee responded that it had laid off the internal team, but that didn't mean it had abandoned development, and it would continue through outside partners. Take-Two alleged a breach of contract and said it had paid $US12 million for the publication rights to video games' most notorious piece of vaporware, under development since 1997.

Duke Nukem Forever Lawsuits Settled [Shacknews]


    WHEN and IF this game gets released, it won't be what the game WOULD or COULD have been if released back in the day.
    Whatever plan/vision they had for the game back when development first begun, isn't gonna be given to us WHEN and IF the game gets released.

    WHEN and IF the game DOES get released, it will be a game that has only say 2 years development time spent on it. Releasing what they started and added to is gonna show and will most likely be a very poor game. Starting from scratch with resources and technology from TODAY will fit in.

    It's actually quite sad and pathetic that the game hasn't been released.

    So that means that 3DR are free to release any media about DNF. Hopefully we will see DNF very soon but i am not holding my breath.

      How long's it gonna take? Forever!

      DNF? ...Did not finish? LOLO

      Sorry, was late to the party.

      There's no coincidence its initials are DNF you know ;)

      just as well, because you'd be holding it forever.

    What's funnier than DNF is the fact that the Broussard and co. spent all the money they made on something to not exist. I wouldn't waste my millions from a massive mascot like Sonic or Duke to send me to the poor house. The guy must be an idiot.

    Just come the fuck on. Maybe DNF will come out in time for our grand kids to be able to play it...

    My guess is that the earlier versions of DNF were given new art assets and released as other, smaller games in order to keep the money coming in on the project. I think the "final" DNF will be released fairly soon, but as a different game. There's no other way they could keep taking company money for development for so long. Even other successful properties couldn't prop it up for this long.

    Wait what? There are actually people still financing this?


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