E3 Diary: Checking In

That there is the card to my hotel room in Los Angeles. Have you guessed which game it's from?

Square Enix have sponsored the room keys given to E3 attendees who booked into hotels around town this week. I got the Deus Ex: Human Revolution one. Hopefully it's a sign that my most anticipated game of the show will live up to expectations.

Shame I'm not staying in room 451 though.


    Will this E3 diary be a regular feature during your time at E3? Or will you just spill the beans when you get back?

      Whenever I get the chance throughout the whole week.

    Hahaha! Now all I can picture is Mr Wildgoose reclining in the exact same way in his LA hotel room.

      They're installing his mechanical arms tomorrow

    Are you going to say you mistakenly 'lost' the card after E3 is over to keep it as a souvenir?


    can i buy that card off you after the conference lol?

      i wanna buy it too, i can bid higher than william; hopefully

    Oh god, what a great swipe card.
    Surely you wouldn't use it, would you? Frame it and keep it in mint condition. Sure, you won't be able to go in or out of your hotel room, but that's the price you pay for keeping it in pristine condition.

    Hmmm, Eidos; Not guaranteed to be either really good or really bad every time they make a game, unlike with other companies where you can usually guess (Naughty Dog = Good, Modern-day Sonic Team = Bad).

    Have fun at E3 David Wildgoose.

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