E310: How Does It Compare?

There's no doubt that this year's E3 has been pretty darn good. 3DS, Kinect, Move, Skyward Sword, Twisted Metal, DX3, Portal 2 — an impressive spread whichever way you look at it, but especially in comparison to last year's disappointing effort. Come to think of it, the year before last wasn't much chop either. Or the year before that.

In my view, the most recent E3 that even comes close to comparing with this one in terms of raw coolness was probably back in 2005, when the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii (then called Revolution) were unveiled. 2006, with that incredibly rad Super Smash Bros. Brawl trailer, was pretty great as well.

So, okay, let's sort this out: here's a list of the last ten E3s in chronological order, along with the biggest draws for each year. What I want you to do is rank them from best to worst.

E300 PlayStation 2 and MGS2 revealed Xbox revealed Halo shown on PC

E301 Halo shown on Xbox GameCube unveiled with Smash Bros. Melee Last E3 for the Dreamcast

E302 Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, and Metroid Prime unveiled Doom 3 and WarCraft III shown Kingdom Hearts shown

E303 Half-Life 2 unveiled The Sims 2 unveiled Halo 2 teaser shown

E304 Halo 2 CTF demo in Zanzibar Twilight Princess trailer shown for the first time Heavy DS and PSP presence

E305 Debut of the PS3 Debut of the Wii (minus motion controller) Debut of the Xbox 360

E306 PS3 priced and Sixaxis revealed Halo 3 announced Smash Bros. Brawl announced

E307 E3 temporarily downsized, renamed "E3 Media and Business Summit" Trailers for Halo 3 and Halo Wars Wii Balance Board unveiled PS3 price-cut announced, PSP Slim unveiled

E308 FFXIII announced for Xbox 360 Wii Motion Plus unveiled Resistance 2 demoed

E309 PlayStation Move unveiled Kinect (then Project Natal) unveiled SMG2 and Metroid: Other M announced

E310 3DS and Skyward Sword unveiled PlayStation Move demoed Kinect named and demoed

Personally, my list would start with 05 and 06 up the top, then 10, 03, 00 in the middle, and 01, 04, 08, 09, 07 down the bottom. How about yours?


    Ah correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't the Xbox 360 debuted on some MTV Special with all these performances by musicians or something?

    I remember watching it on Foxtel back in the day.

    That could have been their E3 briefing of the 360 debut, similar to what was on FOX8 the other day - I'm not sure. But my understanding was the 360 was debuted separate to the PS3 and Wii because it was released before them.

      No, you're right - sorry, lemme clarify: I was talking about its E3 debut (i.e., the first decent opportunity the press had to take a look at it).

        Yeah I remember adding the MTV package to my parents Foxtel account so I could watch that.

        “It will only be $15 for the month” I told them.

        Well, at least it would have been if I’d remembered to cancel it afterwards…

        $15 a month… 12 months a year… 5 years… oh……

    Thought a demoted E3 would have been a better thing for you, with the lower chance of having a heart attack and all from running around like a linebacker for three days straight.

      Even video game journalists need an event to train for, a reason to keep in shape.
      Vanilla cons are the training, E3 is the finals.

    I'd say 2006 was the most influential. While the big three console reveals of 2005 were great, 2006 has all the memorable moments.


    Also, Halo 3 and Smash Bros Brawl are still two of my favourite games of all time, and two games that i still play regularly today.

    TBH, the last two years have been quite lame. With motion control nonsense filling up sony and Microsoft confrences, i was glad that Nintendo picked up the slack with some great reveals, as well as a surprisingly powerful 3DS, both in terms of hardware and software lineup!

    "There’s no doubt that this year’s E3 has been pretty darn good. "

    Wasn't this the same guy whinging yesterday about going to E3?

      Yeah, about GOING - not about watching from the sidelines. ;)

    Your missing something - Duke Nukem Forever - it was in almost all of those

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