EA Boss Has Seen The 3DS

I haven't seen the Nintendo 3DS. Have you? No, you haven't either. But EA boss John Riccitiello has.

"It's like one of these things here with Nintendo where you've got to be very careful here because they've got a lot to say at E3, and I want to be careful to not accidentally transgress an NDA," he told IndustryGamers. "I will tell you, I've seen it; it's cool".

Question is, when did he see it? Like, last year, so that EA can have a number of neat titles available at, or near the 3DS' launch? Or did he see it only a couple of months ago? Common sense dictates the former, but with Nintendo and hardware, you can never be too sure.

EA CEO John Riccitiello Talks E3, Online Pass, 3D Gaming and More [IndustryGamers]


    Did he say it was as powerful as a PS3? Does he know what a PS3 is? Does he know what power is?

      Riccitiello knows power, and is mad with it.

    As it stands at the moment a DSi XL is the same RRP as a Wii. Nintendo are going to have to be very careful choosing a price point for the 3DS. To the best of my kowledge a handheld has never been more expensive than a home console (from the same company at least).

      The DS cost twice as much as the Gamecube when it came out here. Considering this is basically a next-gen system from what I've heard, so it could definitely happen.

      Then again the GC was pretty much on a fire sale when the DS came out, so yeah.

    For $200 (Aus), DS compatibility and a good release colour (only thing stopped me buying a DS Phat was I wanted it in Black) And I'll buy day one.

    Nintendo will say they won't, but im going to be cautious... I want to definately know if a re-design of the 3DS isn't just going to come out a year or so later.

      They'll announce a redesign right after you give in and buy a 3DS. That's just how it goes. Better to just accept it and enjoy your 3DS for what it is. At least you can be relatively sure the 3DS Lite games will run on your 3DS original.

    Of course people have seen it, some people would even have it. Developers would have to have development kits to make games for the device.

    Unless of course Nintendo are planning on having only first party games at launch.

    I'm afraid the 3DS will not enjoy the same success of the DS due to a lack of long term 3rd party support. The only reason lots of 3rd party developers produced games on the DS was the intent to penetrate a large install base before realising that users mostly only buy 1st party games.

    3rd party developers have already stressed that Nintendo play an unfair advantage on their platform because they like to keep feature secrets to themselves as a launching point for their own games, leaving 3rd party devs to bite the dust of redundancy.

    We'll have to see I suppose.

      I would imagine many people said that about the GBA.

      While Ninty aren't the fastest at handing their tech out to 3rd parties to experiment on before they cna show what it can do, there were a good number of 3rd party DS games that were good. (Plus a large bunch that weren't but still sold well)

      Add in the fact that it's also going to be targeted on the Older DS Install base, I'd expect about the same level of 3rd party support.

    This thing is almost certainly more powerful than the Wii, though PS3?... not so sure.

    Modern mobile processors like Tegra 2 and Snapdragon in smartphones are already approaching 1-1.5 GHz clock speed and dual cored

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