Enter the Stiz

Hey there. I'm Dan and I'm filling in for the Goose while he's off cavorting with performance artists and rap stars at E3. Nice to meecha.

Some of you will probably know me already, either from my work in mags like Hyper and Total Gamer, or from my (ocassionally NSFW) gaming blog, Eegra. However, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure, here's a bullet-point summary of my qualifications and relevant character traits:

  • I've been gaming for around 25 years, and have worked as a games writer for more than a decade.
  • During my tenure in the games press, I've contributed to pretty much every major mag and website on the local scene: Hyper, PC Powerplay, Official Xbox, Official PlayStation, games.on.net, and - now - Kotaku AU.
  • I typically play Western RPGs (FFXIII has turned me off the Eastern variety entirely), shooters and open-world adventures a la Darkstalkers. My favourite games are Deus Ex, Deus Ex and Deus Ex. Also, Mass Effect 2.
  • I enjoy long walks on the beach, holding hands, reading poetry and swearing in foreign languages.
  • I am a cat and wear a helmet made of fruit.

And that's about it. I'll be here till Friday, keeping the site updated with local content until the Unshaven One returns from the States. So sit back, relax and prepare yourself for a four-day dose of A-grade Stiz.

Awwww yeah.


    I remember you from PCPP, games.on.net and Eegra. Interesting seeing a chap from Eegra posting on Kotaku.

    So Stiz... why aren't you at E3? It's because you are a cat isn't it.

      Yes. Cats hate loud noises and bright lights, so E3 is naturally the last place I want to be right now.

        True, but cats also dislike water... but you have a watermelon on your head. So that tells me that you are smarter than the average cat... that and the whole typing thing as well.

    Welcome noob ;^) my daughter thanks you for displaying her all-time favourite image.

    11:21 AM? What witchery is this?
    I don't know man, I enjoy swearing in foreign languages too, but this departure from Wildgoose's carefully timed multiple-of-5 minute posts is offputting.
    It might take me a while to adjust.

    Welcome D-stiz

    Welcome. I remember reading you on Hyper.

    "My favourite games are Deus Ex, Deus Ex and Deus Ex."

    You can take the man out of PCPP but you can't take PCPP out of the man. ;)

    Is Eegra really dead? Will we ever find out what happens to 'those two guys' and their own videogame? What happened to the shirts?

    Also, is it not slightly ironic that you're writing for Kotaku now, considering how much you guys ripped on them? Or is that one big inside joke that i'm missing?

    Either way, you're a great writer so yea, welcome!

    Also, glad to see someone else reflect my stance on JRPGS....

    Man, it's like Kotaku.au is bringing the band back together... Wildgoose, now Dan Staines... I feel like I've gone back in time ten years!

    Man, I used to LOVE your Game Theory column in Hyper. Seamus Byrne had/has nothing on you :P

    ................no offence to Seamus or anything >________>

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