Everything's Ring-a-Ding In Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 3 introduced us to the Ink Spots and 1941's "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". Fallout: New Vegas opens here with Kay Kyser's. "Jingle Jangle Jingle", the No. 1 hit for eight weeks in 1942.

That's about the only useful thing I can add to this two-minute video, slam full of gameplay, heralding New Vegas's appearance at E3 2010. It speaks for itself, and I advise you to listen. And watch.


    Love this type of music, I could listen to it all day...

    Jinggggle, Janggggle, Jinggggle!

      My dad loves this kind of music, so I grew up with it. Personally I prefer The Ink Spots, Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Brian Setzer to this song though.

      The game looks pretty sweet as well.

    I'm sooooo pumped for this... I've loved the universe ever since i got my hands on the original.. Mind you, i really had no idea about RPG's when i did, so it taught me a lot of harsh lessons :)

    So is that tune outside of copyright now, or do they still have to pay for it?

    That music better keep playing!

    Can't wait for it. Looks like it'll be fallout 3 in a different place with a ton more stuff.

    I should really finish my last DLC on Fallout 3. lol.

    OMG you can finally aim properly down your weapons sights now....awesome guess they have done a much needed improvement over the aiming/accuracy compared to fallout 3

      You seem to be somewhat deluded as to the intended behaviour of the aiming system in Fallout 3.

      It's an RPG, not an FPS. The guns aren't supposed to shoot like a military grade weapon in the hands of a trained soldier. You play as a young man or woman with no prior weapons experience who finds rusted, damaged 200 year old fire arms. They're supposed to be inaccurate.

      So don't say Fallout 3's gun mechanics need improvement. The accuracy and aiming behaves exactly as it is intended to.

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