Exec 'Severely' Doubts Value Of Some TV Advertising

In a heavy-hitter's roundtable with an industry advertising blog, the man in charge of marketing Homefront doubts that television advertising does much for many video games, and would rather advertise on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live than CBS and NBC.

"One of the bigger questions we have to ask ourselves is how important is television?" Dan Bilson, THQ's vice president for core games, told the[a] listdaily. Bilson argues that marketing to television audiences a product like THQ's WWE and UFC games makes some sense, as they tie into events with a clear TV presence. "But our other stuff, I question it severely.

Bilson notes that he grew up with television and has experience producing it; "Some people love it, but I know I'm playing games, I'm not watching TV," he said. "You know where I want to market? I want to market on Xbox Live. I want to market on PSN, because every night that's the switch I turn on at my house. And that front end comes, and those windows come, and all that marketing's getting right to me because I'm a core gamer. That's where I want to invest. Television is a big question mark for me."

As an example, Bilson points to Homefront, one of the biggest games THQ showed off at E3. "I feel like it's a really effective campaign and it's not a really costly campaign," he said. On the other hand, "[TV is]incredibly expensive, and what I can do with two million dollars, which will buy a few TV spots on a big sporting event, what I can do in outdoor, or on the web, or direct-to-consumer is way more exciting."

When I think of how little I watch broadcast television, and how much time my television, if turned on, spends displaying something coming from a game console, I really can't argue with him.

Top Gaming Execs Talk Marketing Strategy [the[a] listdaily via IndustryGamers]


    I brought both Resident Evil 5 and Resistence after seeing the ads for them on TV. With Resident Evil 5 I had already seen the movies and knew it was a zombie game but didn't know much more about it. The ads made me think it was going to be a horror FPS, I was extremly disapointed.
    With Resistence I got that after seeing the Resistence 2 ad on TV. I thought it was going to be a FPS set during an alien invasion in the 50s. I thought it was kind of a send up of those old alien movies out there that are from the 50s and feature people getting probed and stuff. I though it would be series but due to what it was based on also have a couple jokes and obviouse references to old alien movies. Just like Resident Evil 5 I was disapointed with what I got but less so because atleast it was a fps that kind of had aliens in it unlike Resident Evil 5 which wasn't an fps, featured lame zombies, wasn't a horror (didn't even try to be) and featured the worst gameplay ever with it's inability to move and fire your gun, I really wish it had of been more like Dead Space or something.

    Anyway all that taught me never to buy a game based on ads and awesome screen shots of it. Now I always read reviews, the comments in those reviews and on forums and watch gameplay footage on youtube. The unfourtunate thing is a lot of those reviewers and commenters will end up posting spoilers and it's really annoying.

      you dropped 90 bucks on a game without even knowing what genre it is?

      Sorry man you deserved to get burned that's just stupid.

    You honestly thought Resident Evil, a Survival Horror series dating back to the PS1 was a FPS?

    I'm a little horrified to be honest. It's got like 3 movies out with a 4th one coming and you still didn't know what you where getting into? Surely you must have known something about it.

    I saw Red Faction 3 advertised on the side of a bus once. That can't be any worse that being advertised on TV.

    I watch maybe one show a week on actual TV. I use free online TV services instead because I can watch what I want, when I want, with no ads interupting (except maybe at the start) and I can pause it. Sure it may be lower quality, but the fact that you can watch a whole series at once instead of one episode a week is awesome.

    It's great for seeing old shows or episodes you might have missed too. Google it.

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