Fable III E3 Trailer Asks You To Join The Revolution

The tagline reads "Fable III: It's A Revolution". Sounds a little pompous, sure, but then we wouldn't expect anything less from a Peter Molyneux game.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Fable II, but this looks a little more elaborate, a little more ambitious. That and I'm a sucker for muskets and steamships.


    sheer excitement overload and i know its not going to be this good but omg, i wants.

    "a little more ambitious", I'm pretty sure every Peter Moloneux game ever could be described as ambitious.
    Not a single one yet has hit the mark though.

    as one of about 5 people who actually enjoyed the fuck out of fable 2, I'm pumped.

    lol'd when avatar combines lightning and fire magic together and then explodes (obviously not him but it'd be funny if it was)

    hat is off to him for at least dreaming big, for at least WANTING to do something great,


    Fable 2 (imo) was a terrible game in basically every way. It felt incredibly dated, had its "open world" crippled by the engine/loading times, and did not deliver a single element Moloneux declared was in there...

    and those MENUS?!

    If it HAD delivered on even a single element it would have been a landmark game, but as it was, i found it struggled for mediocrity. The combat system in particular was so poorly designed that i found closing my eyes or turning off my tv had no adverse effect. The only reason i kept my eyes open was so i knew when i had won and could stop blindly rubbing the button area of the controller.

    Why am i being so bitter and such a jerk about it? Because the stuff Moloneux declares he is creating sounds really really INCREDIBLY cool, and he made me want it by pretending he had created it! Now i am a greedy little kid denied my lollie and i want it damn you!

    So... although i am now bitter and very sure none of the declerations about Fable 3 prove true, i am hoping he will at least deliver one or two of the things he pretended were in Fable 2... That would be enough, that would be spectacular!

      Well i agree with every thing you said however i still enjoy Fable 2 but is it just me or does this trailer look exactly like fable two. no big changes from what i could see

      I know exactly how you feel. I wouldn't be as harsh in some places, though probably harsher in others. What it comes down to is it wasn't the game promised.

      I played and adored Fable 1, probably finished it a dozen times, but I had never heard of it when I got it. I didn't know about Molyneux's horrible ability for talking something up beyond what it is. I don't think he even realises he's doing it, he honestly believes what he's saying.

      What was it that Fable 2 was going to give us? Love I think was a key feature. There a lot of RPG's out there that did a lot better at conveying love, or character development, or even a good storyline.

      I'm expecting this to be very generic, and though pretty, it is looking very generic. I'll probably hire it to give it a chance but expect nothing.

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