Fake Families Put Kinect Through Its Paces

You already knew that much of Kinect's early marketing would be targeted at a casual crowd. So when you watch this collection of game "demonstrations", try and keep that in mind.

At least, try and keep it in mind until the horrors of the dancing game's "guitar throw".

Those who want to see what Kinect's "Minority Report" menu controls look like should head for the end of the clip. It looks amazing, every bit the future technology it sounds like, but I wonder how it's going to know the difference between "fast forward" and "these aren't the droids you're looking for".

[via Gameliner]


    gotta love the peeps imidating whats on the screen and not actually playing

      What's worse is that there would have been a green screen they were acting the motions to

    this video makes me hates the natal

    (i'm continuing to refer to project natal as natal because i hate the new name; hopefully it will catch on)

    I don't think a family would watch the Guild.. no offense to the series, its good. Yet, I unless that whole family plays some MMO together, they wouldn't be watching that. Also what if someone is just waiting for a highfive?

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