Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

It's raining here at the moment, so I'd like to start your day with some cheery music and sunshine, courtesy of Southend's adorable puzzler Ilomilo.

Nothing's changed since we last saw the game. It still looks chirpy, still looks gorgeous, and its space-bending puzzles look like a neat take on a formula laid down by titles as diverse as Echocrome and Mario Galaxy.

Ilomilo is due for the Xbox 360, courtesy of Xbox Live Arcade. Southend sadly don't look like they'll be going to E3, so we'll just pretend this clip is playable and learn to make do.


    Hey, that looks quite cool. Kind of a cross between the organic looks of Little Big Planet and the gameplay of echochrome/super mario galaxy.

    I'd play it.

    that's almost sickeningly adorable.

    This reminds me of a reskinned version of Playstation game, the name escapes me - but it was all essentially the same, only you played as a ball, and could jump (how a ball jumps is beyond me). You could also be a marble, or a sticky ball etc etc...

    10 points to the person who remembers the game title.

      KULA WORLD, aha remembered the name and yes that was awesome game as well :0

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