Final Fantasy VII Writer Sees End Of The Nintendo Era

Since the release of the Game Boy, Nintendo has ruled portable gaming. That era is over, says Masato Kato, the writer of FFVII, Xenogears and Chrono Trigger. But why?

"With the iPad going on sale, the epoch of Nintendo is finished," Kato tweeted. "But with the DS and the Wii, it's been digging its own grave."

Kato, who is now a freelance writer, recently contributed the script for Nintendo DS title Shiren 4, which went on sale this past February. Before that, he worked on a couple of the "Mana" series titles for the DS.

Nintendo will be showing its new glasses-free portable device, code-named the Nintendo 3DS, at this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles.

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    I'd like to say he's full of it, but there's some logic to what he's saying. The face of gaming is slowly changing, Nintendos got to hurry up and change its stance or it's going to be left behind eventually.

      Left behind? Change its stance?

      Nintendo have been innovators with the wii and the DS, i dont understand what you are saying.

        Agreed. Nintendo has been leading the charge and MS and Sony have been playing catchup for 3 years now and only beginning to turn things around.

        The iPad? No USB, No Flash support, closed architecture. No sale.

          a) who the hell wants USB cables anymore?
          b) no annoying internet ads, oh no what WILL we all do without them. Flash is rubbish.
          c) closed architecture? unlike a nintendo, sony or microsoft console?

            a)Connecting devices to eachother is useful. I would use a USB stick at least twice a day. Don't forget camera's, printers etc.
            b)No ads means no revenue and without an easy way to generate ad revenue alot of sites wouldn't exist. As much as you can rubbish flash for being inefficient (Not as bad as they make out though) The other thing flash supports is DRM(As evil as it is) which without this sites like HULU, Netflix, and a possible even youtube wouldn't exist.

              I'm sure us Australians really care that sites like Netflix and Hulu wouldn't exist.

      Nintendo no longer produce games that appeal to me and people like me, but that doesn't mean Nintendo "needs to hurry up and change".

      You gotta understand, we are NOT the only game market out there. Nintendo is tapping into a resource no other company is. And guess what, its NOT casual gamers.

      its the new generation of gamers a.k.a kids. Any parent who buys GTA for their kids instead of Mario is a dumb parent indeed.

      Thats a smart move by Nintendo, build up a fan base starting from the young ones. And if they grow out of it, there's always more kids who will buy their games. So from a business point of view, I'd say Nintendo has got it right.

    Is he saying this because the iPad is likely to take a bite out of the casual gamer market nintendo has been targeting with this generation?
    Because that's only a small number of people who buy the iPad for that reason.
    Speaking of this generation of hardware, why aren't there more games that make use of the speaker in the wiimote, or the ability for the ds to interact with the wii?
    Are developers just lazy, or do people not embrace the games that do?

      I'd agree that he's probably assuming a loss in the casual market, but you're right - casual players aren't really likely to be early iPad buyers. Now, casual gamers moving to an iPhone? I can see that, but not the iPad.

    People have been saying Nintendo is doomed for how many years now?

    I would say it's more likely iPad will expand the market, especially to professionals and the like (briefcase carrying gamers). If anything history has told us there are generally 2 dominant console manufacturers and one of them is nintendo. :D But seriously, it's entirely possible that Nintendo might not be around at some time in the future but I can't see that happening for a long time.

    He's totally right, I'm going to give my iPad to a 5 year old so they can play Spongebob Square Pants.

    hes loco

    The ipad is a fixed platform theres not gonna be an update its bound by the rules of an iphone no flash and what not

    as well as it cant have anything truely its own because everythings meant to be able to run on the iphone as well

    if the ipad was runnning its own OS with iphone emulation i could see it but at its current stage its just a jumbo iphone

    plus the DS has the advantage of pocket play the ipad doesnt if anything was gonna damage the DS it was the iphone and well nintendo is still going fine there

    and as for digging its own grave as mentioned in one of the other posts its the only company that innovates everyone else makes the cookie cutter and then when something seems to be worthwhile(natal move ) they jump on board

    while theres every chance nintendo could innovate the wrong way next generation shift, the wii has got them back out of the rut from the gamecube(profit wise)

      What platforms aren't "fixed"? and why does anyone need or want Flash?

      As for pocket play, I have my iPad everywhere I go for work purposes anyway, I sure as hell don't try and put my DS in my pocket everywhere I go. Plus its so less obvious to play games whilst in a meeting, score!

    Great game design is what Nintendo does, and has always done best. You can have all the platforms and hardware options you like, but at the end of the day the only thing that counts is the quality and innovation of the games themselves - they are what make or break a platform.

    this doesn't tell me anything, it's essentially a re-tweet. id like to know what he means by this

    I don't think that Nintendo has innovative issues, I think Nintendo's (possible) downfall lies in a masses of mindless sheep who are buying the ipad. Most of us here know the ipad is a piece of crap but there are many MANY others out there who do not see that. Nintendo may just lose out but not for the reasons Kato is thinking.

    Funny how people say the Nintendo is doomed but then they bring out a new Zelda, Mario and Metroid just to name a few and it hit record sales again.

    Yes my Nintedo DS and Wii are sitting there collecting dust, but when these new games comes out that machine is sure to get a beating.

    What's the actual rate of people that buy ipads or iPhones/touches specifically for gaming? Most games made for the app store are relatively small and they're not like games for the ds. I would never replace my ds with one of apple's devices for gaming because they offer different experiences.

    I think it will hit nintendo a bit, but nintendo are innovative enough and smart enough to plan their next moves wisely to create a different and successful product. I'll take playing a proper game over icopter and that for 5 minutes, as good as icopter is, haha.

    Sorry to throw a (slight) dampener on this parade, but Masato Kato didn't write Final Fantasy VII - credits say that the story was by Hironobu Sakaguchi & Tetsuya Nomura, and that it was written by Kazushige Nojima with director Yoshinori Kitase. Nojima had previously directed Bahamut Lagoon, and after FF7 went on to become a major writer at Square - since then he wrote FF8, FF10, Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children and Crisis Core, and co-wrote FFX-2, Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II.

    Masato Kato is best known as a co-writer of Chrono Trigger, the sole writer/story planner of Chrono Cross, the writer of Xenogears, and a frequent collaborator with friend Yasunori Mitsuda. Their most notable collaboration was the 2005 audio-visual compilation "KiRite".

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