Final Fantasy XIII Gets Dirt Cheap For A Lucky Few

When role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII went on sale in Japan in December 2009, it was priced at ¥9,240 (US$101). Now, one retailer is offering the game for a discount. A huge one.

This flier shows a new copy of the game priced at ¥500 ($5.48). That's about what lunch at McDonalds costs! This is one store, so it is hard to tell how widespread this deal is. What's more, this is a limited, first come, first served sale, available to only ten customers (one copy, per shopper).

This sale has gotten traction on Japanese bulletin board 2ch — probably because FFXIII is being sold at such a low price! Whenever I see sales like this, I don't ever feel bad for the game itself, but rather, for the retailer who is taking a huge hit on unloading its stock.

The customer, of course, wins.

新品『FF13』が遂に500円で売られる【94%OFF】 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    Even though the retailer takes a hit, he also gains goodwill and word of mouth, which can be invaluable in a competitive market.

      But then consumers begin to look to that shop for massive bargains only, unless they're able to buy something else their (undoubtably their primary intention), and should they be happy with it return.

      Either way it's a good strategy, and you're sacrificing all of a couple hundred US dollars only (not including printed advertising), for what would be a massive amount of publicity.

    And they get the good cover art as well.

    ..................i just got the game a few days ago for $48 fomr GAME online....i got ripped....

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