Final Fantasy XIV On 360 Doesn't Look Likely

Final Fantasy XIV is definitely coming to the PS3 and PC, but Square Enix has previously been coy on an Xbox 360 version. There's a reason for that.

While a publisher will rarely, if ever say that a game is definitely not coming to another platform, it doesn't look like Final Fantasy XIV will ever be making an appearance on the Xbox 360, with the game's director not happy with Microsoft's "closed" online system.

"The main reason why we couldn't go with Xbox 360 was the Xbox Live system," Hiromichi Tanaka told Eurogamer. "[Live is]different to the normal internet environment, so when we wanted to introduce this game in the same environment as Windows PC it had to be PS3, so that was our choice."

"Microsoft has a different point of view: they want to have a closed environment for Xbox Live. We're still talking to... We couldn't come to an agreement on Xbox Live."

"Closed" Xbox Live blocked FFXIV [Eurogamer]


    Hmm and that's coming right on the heels of Gabe Newell saying something similar when it came to the issue of Steamworks.

    If this keeps going on you have to wonder if MS will end up making some kind of compromise deal to get this stuff onto the XBox.

    There is precedent for it - they made some deal with EA to get EA on board in the early days of the XBox, didn't they? I can't remember what the issue was now - I think it was something to do with EA wanting to be able to shut off online play for their games after a couple of years - basically as a way to force people towards buying the new versions of their sports games.

    Who cares, it will looks like puke on 360. Well more pukey than it already will look...mmo and all.

    I dont see the logic of MS sometimes(actually any time I dont see the logic)
    the original xbox played FF:Online just fine.

      Yes, but I believe that you played on different servers to PC players. Because of the closed system Xbox Live has, cross-compatibility between the 360 and PC versions was not possible.

      Of course, it could work if the PC version of FFXIV being a Games for Windows title, which is what I'm sure Microsoft wants. However, this wouldn't fly with Sony's online experience, so it's just not gonna happen. ^^

      Plus, FFXI actually circumnavigated Xbox Live if you know what to do (you didn't even need a Gold account to play it), which Microsoft agreed to early on to try to drive players to the 360. As the 360 now has an extensive library of games to play online (and arguably a better online gaming experience than the PS3, regardless of the fact you have to pay for it), it doesn't need to compromise their own vision for a united system (eg. online play requiring a Gold Subscripition and not requiring ties to a competitor's version of a game) to get people to play online.

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