Final Fantasy XIV, The E3 Trailer

Square Enix, don't you ever change. Don't change your trailers, either.

You could blindfold me, punch me in the ear then hold me underwater and I'd still know this was Final Fantasy XIV, just from the soundtrack.


    Moogles!!!! MOOGLES!!! Sweet

    Wake me up when its not an MMO.

    Like Final Fantasy 13, this is going to be a huge waste of a number.

      At least you know you didn't waste numerous years for the thing.
      Provided this gets a late 2010 release or 2011, you wouldn't have wasted much of your time waiting for its release only to feel disappointed.

    Music at around 1:25, from FFXII?

      That's the Final Fantasy theme music... but yeash it was used in XII :P

    I've never played an MMO and am not really interested in them anyway, but I'll buy this just for Nobuo Uematsu's score.

      That or.. you know, buy/download it it. You know.. like a normal person?

      I feel very sorry for people whose first MMO isn't WoW.

    I wasn't into MMOs when FF11 came out but since I tried WoW and Guild Wars. While I don't like the life force sucking aspect of them I think this game looks like a bit of fun to experience for a while.

    Didn't know where to post this where it would get seen but the Official FFXIV benchmark is out -

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