Finally, A Good Look At The Warhammer 40K MMO!!

After years and years and years of waiting, today is the day we finally get a look at the massively multiplayer Warhammer 40K game being developed by Vigil.

More details on the game - now known as Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online - will be released at GamesCom later in the year, but for now, this clip (and screenshots to follow) should keep 40K fans happy.

Looks pretty detailed for an MMO. I still have no idea how this will play, despite the brief glimpses of in-game footage, but it's great news seeing Vigil at least got the tone and the look of the universe right.


    i just jism'd a little... :|

    ... the lord of decay could look a little better though... he looks more comedic than horrific...

    I want to play it now :(

    This, and Space Marine are my current most anticipated games to be shown so far at E3. I really don't think anything will be able to top them.

    This is the last chance I'm giving MMO's to do something fresh. Though I don't have much faith in the actual MMO market to be able to tear themselves away from the PVE grindfest/timesink that is WoW.

    40K FTW!

      Have you tried WARHAMMER ONLINE?



      You missed
      Skulls for the skull throne !!!!
      Purge maim kill!!!!
      For the chaos gods(undivided)

    I am so please with how this looks. I was a little worried but quietly prayed to the Emporer AND HE DELIVERED!

    Looks amazing. I'm just pessimistic that it won't be able to wrest any market share from WoW's hands.

    Warhammer (online) was a good MMO that should, by all rights, have succeeded. It merely came at the wrong time and found its lunch was gobbled up. I played WoW very seriously for 2 years, love it to death, but sometimes you want alternatives and realistically, it's not going to happen.

      WAR had issues right from the start they cut content that by rights should have been there to begin with because they were running out of time and money as alot of MMO's seem to do these days

      why is it that everyone has to compare it to wow tho i mean the comparisons always fail none of these games is going to knock wow of its block the way people want them to because people arent going to just jump ship and leave everysingle thing theve done in WoW behind

      the problem that any new MMO has is that their users if they wanted to knock off wow are still going to be playing wow at the same time as there game which means they need to keep the game from becoming boring or stale(which at some levels they can before picking up again)

      hopefully they release a finished product because launching on unsteady ground tends to ruin alot of these MMO's fututr potential (AoC being one example)

        I believe the way of "keeping it fresh" would be to have more live events. WoW will get stale to many if it already hasnt, but i must agree people will not want to leave the hours/years they have spent in wow for nothing. (still play WAR)

    Ok, I had to look up who Vigil Games were. That doesn't fill me with confidence. Their only game was Darksiders, I haven't played it yet (got it for like $25 but it's sitting on my shelf atm), so I can't judge them on that.

    It looks a bit cartoony, WoW style. I'm not at fan of that at all, needs to be far darker and doomier.

    That said, LOVE the giant Titan walking around, that sort of crazy stuff happening will make the battlefield come alive.

    I'm not willing to let my expectations get too high just yet. I'll sit and wait and hope for the best/expect the worst...

    I'm still not convinced the game can be made to work on a conceptual level while remaining true to the source material. It's not a setting where individuals can make their mark unless they're a great hero like Commander Dante and the last thing we need is battlefields with more heroes than cannon-fodder troops.

    Plus inability for me to play as a Necron=not interested.

    Wow, and mmo that actually looks worth playing IMO.

    It looks cool but the only Characters that could make a difference in a war are really the Space marines (Chaos or Imperial).

    If i was an imperial guard officer i'm still gonna get pounded by a simple chaos space marine in power armor. unless i have three more guards to back me up. Thats what 40K is all about, the balance of the races.

    If it ends up being Imperial spacemarines vs Chaos spacemarines then it won't be very interesting

    I've always dreamed about a Warhammer 40k MMO being a squad-based game.... Like, you take control of an entire squad rather than a single marine/ork... Can't see it being balanced for anything other than Imperial Space Marines Vs Chaos Space Marines otherwise.

    Looks as if it may take a third person shooter dealy... Hopefully they stay clear of the current MMO standard control scheme (read WoW), it's so boring now.

    Hmm I just hope they don't do like Warhammer online and have only 2 fractions. (that and balancing killed warhammer online)

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