Finally, Team Fortress 2 For The Mac (Tomorrow)

Portal 2 isn't the only game being affected by the curious properties of Valve Time. While promised Wednesday updates to Steam for Mac have been late (or non-existent), Valve is about to make up for it with Team Fortress 2.

Faithful followers of Team Fortress 2 won't be surprised by Valve's next choice. TF2 has been "coming soon" to Mac for a week now, but the team-based multiplayer online shooter is finally here. Well, it will be Thursday, June 10, barring a sudden burst of unstable Valve Time molecules, of course.

Who's got the details on the (un)official Kotaku Steam group? Let's all join up and bonk each other tomorrow. I mean with bats. As the Scout. In Team Fortress 2.

Tomorrow. [Team Fortress]


    there will be cross-platform tf2ing right?

    The more people experiencing this amazing game, the better.

    TF2 with Apples soap bar mouse? This I gotta see.

      most Mac people with half a brain already use a PC mouse with their Mac anyway

        I used the Mac mouse for ages because I'm lazy. The only real issue was that it doesn't allow you to right and left click and once. Spinning up as a heavy was essentially useless because I had to let go of right click to left click.

        Most people with half a brain wouldn't dream of using a Mac to game.

          Yes, that kind of crazy thinking requires a whole brain.

          Seriously, it's a computer OS choice, not a religious war.

    More noobs to pwn this weekend, looking forward to it

      I totally agree. Noobs Macville. It will be a slaughter. Ha ha ha.

    It will be a massacre...



    Noobs sappin mah TF2..

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