First Castlevania Footage Is Like A HD Genesis

This clip, promoting Microsoft's Xbox Live Summer Of Arcade, has footage of every game that'll be coming out over a five-week span beginning next month. You're probably here for the Castlevania footage, though.

The Harmony of Despair section of this ad is our first look at the new Castlevania game in motion, and it looks as good as it did in the screenshots earlier. Though, everything else looks pretty good as well. Especially HydroThunder.


    The new Castlevania looks sweet!

    Exactly what about the castlevania game looks awesome? To me it looks like a mediocre 2d platformer (at least graphically).

    It all looks pretty standard to me. Looks like I'm losing my love for the game.

      That's what happens when game companies listen to their fans. It is from what I can see more than just a mediocre game though.

    Did I see Lara Croft Panting? Screw SquareEnix for making Lara Croft a weakling....

    On the other hands, Limbo looks fun

    On Lara Panting, One she's getting older. Two she just killed a Dinosaur.

    Castlevania... I'll check the Demo... heck I always check the Demo. Limbo and Hydrothunder look good but.

    Limbo was the absolute unquestioned winner for me there- it looked AMAZING.

    Anyone get reminded of the old NES game Cobra Triangle when they saw HydroThunder (or whatever it was called now)?

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