First Look At New Red Faction Game

Red Faction Armageddon is the follow-up to last year's surprise hit, Guerrilla. Those hoping for more free-wheeling action under a Martian sky may be in for a rude shock.

The game's instead gone underground, having made a sharp turn at Survival Horror Boulevard. Sweeping vistas are being swapped out for underground chambers, and while this may seem a regression from Guerrilla's open-world mayhem, remember that a large portion of that game's "world" were actually inaccessible corridors.


    What a mess.

    I was so excited for an FPS akin to that of Red Faction 1, now I am completely depressed.

    What the hell are they doing to this series.

    Thanks a lot.

      Yep that doesn't look like anything Red Faction I've ever seen.

      Totally man, I found the sandbox feel to the game to be overly open and because of the excessiveness of the damage it doesn't create a feel of proper destruction or power. It just feels like everything is pasted together using terribly designed physics.

      I'm sure the programming involved is great but I swear GeoMod was the best they came up with...

      Smaller destruction from the inside of large structures rather than larger destruction from outside...

      The game feels empty, soul less and boring. The only people I know who liked the new Red Factions were morons with small brains who enjoyed a very simplistic physics engine.

      As advanced as some may argue that it is... well honestly... it's just a boring piece of crap and I was really hoping they would take it back underground and use the dirt/rock destruction model of the first game...

      maybe even a mix but the sheer exaggerated proportions of the weapons and just ...

      Listen i'll stop rambling and just say the new series are crap and boring.

        Everything is destructible basically except for what was destructible in the first series ever. BORING. This game is Generic and boring. The weapons they added are just about as entertaining as the original weapons from G. Boring. Boring. Boring. GENERIC Yawn... NEXT

    I’ve already finished this game.

    Spoiler Alert:

    It turns out the Aliens are the good guys all along, their technology has been buried in the mines of mars for millions of years. This evil businessman fatcat called Cohaagen wants to use this tech to become richer I guess. The final scene in the game has the main character put his hand in this alien device looking thing to activate these burning rod things that melt billions of gallons of underground ice and finally release all the air that Mars never had. Also, some chick in this game has three boobs.

      Quaid... Start the revolution...

        I thought it was 'start the reactor'?

          I believe you're both wrong

    What the hell are they doing? There are millions of those bloody survival horror games on the market. Red Faction had something original that made it stand out in the crowd, but if they release it like that they will loose that.

    Well now their bringing the concept of "creation"... Everything Red Faction stood AGAINST.

    Hopefully this is just a section of gameplay because Red Faction was never meant for a linear corridor shooter. Well technically was for the first two games but..


    another game with alien bugs. original.

    Red Faction has gone and got itself confused with Dead Space.... what a damn shame.

    Since when has Red Faction really followed the previous game faithfully? Whether they create something that is great or not - people either whinge for something new and fresh (or a Dead Space copy) or when they do try something new (yet again) they want it exactly like a previous one.

    It's Red Faction - I was worried about Guerrilla and that was a decent game. Turned out well. Perhaps we could have some trust that this game is good aswell.

    Jay, normally i'd agree with a fresh change, but aliens... on mars. How is this fresh, new or even remotely a change for the better?

    Looks okay to me, some of the areas seem pretty open and they clearly still have the same destructable physics engine from guerilla, based on the shot of the guy repairing a bridge while he runs over it.

    With any luck we might see a return to the original game's destructible terrain, which would definitely be easier to handle in a closed environment like a tunnel IMO.

    Basically, it looks like guerilla with a hint of survival horror, and I dunno about you guys, but when I first went into an underground lab in STALKER, not expecting that sort of environment in the game, it was one of the best experiences I had with it.

    I'm looking forward to it personally.

    Everything about this screams generic. Are all lights in the future Aqua-coloured? I mean, it's my favourite colour and all but can the studio try to be at least a little bit original? The art direction, concept, character, black insectoid aliens. Are people getting payed to think of this?

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