First Look At PlayStation 3's 3.40 Firmware Update

The latest firmware update for the PlayStation 3 isn't just some regular old update. Oh, no. This update is a big deal!

Firmware 3.40 brings players PlayStation Plus, Sony's new subscription-based service, as well as a new video editor/uploader to the PlayStation 3's XMB, enabling users to edit and upload movies directly to YouTube and Facebook.

As previously mentioned, PlayStation Plus subscribers get early access to demos and betas, automatic downloads of patches and firmware, free* games, discounts and more.

Take a spin through this gallery to see what firmware 3.40 is all about.

Download Images [PlayStation Blog via Flickr]


    I have a feeling this will just end up like Xbox Live, whereby Microsoft simply revoked features that were available to silver members originally. Excluding online play.

    If Sony go down this path at any point I won't be very happy. I mean MS now makes silver members wait a week for demos and such, whilst touting that gold members get 'early' access when all they did was artificially restrict silver accounts.

    Looking forward to that video editing feature so I can grab the clips I want from Rage!

    Last time I tried facebook on the PS3 it wouldn't even let me post comments (to do with an outdated Java I think), so I would like to think they have updated that now.

    What does "Free*" mean? Is that asterisk supposed to mean stuff?

    Without online save file support this 'Plus' service is pretty useless to me especially since its pretty rare than the PSN will actually release decent games (outside of retro titles)

    I've lost my save files 3 times because of unexpected shutdowns & it was never the HDD's fault yet any kind of tinkering involves reformatting :( Its not easy either when Sony makes certain save files are 'copy prohibited' which makes absolutely no sense

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