First Look At The New Captain America

We're still more than a year away from the big screen adaptation of Captain America, but today we get our first look at how the first Avenger will look on celluloid and, eventually, in the Sega published video game.

Ain't It Cool News gives us our first glimpse at Steve Rogers in full Cap gear, a conceptual costume design that doesn't stray too far from the Ultimates version of the character, for better than worse. Chris Evans, better known as the Human Torch from Marvel's Fantastic Four movies, will be donning the stars, stripes and vibranium shield for the 2011 film, battling the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) and Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) for patriotic purposes.

It's been more than three years since Sega signed on to create games based on Captain America, Thor and the Hulk, during which time two middling Iron Man games and a so-so version of The Incredible Hulk were released. Let's hope Sega, which has undergone some unfortunate changes since then, will be able to do justice to Mr. America here.

What do you think? Close enough to the source material for your tastes?



    Looks great!
    And considering (in Marvel comic land) Steve Rogers isnt Captain America now, hes had a complete redesign and Bucky is officially Captain America. Steve Rogers handed Captain America over to Bucky after the whole 'Siege' storyline, claiming that he can no longer be Captain America in todays world.

    As for Chris Evans playing Captain America. . .
    What if, in future Avengers movies, the Fantastic Four make a cameo appearance?
    Huh? Huh?
    Whos playing Torch then?

      Oh, and over on io9 the otehr day they can shots of Captain Americas 1940's costume with his shield shaped shield (as oppose to his round shield).
      And, in Iron Man 2, Tony Stark uses the half constructed Captain America shield to prop up his matter maker thingy he built.

        "Steve Rogers handed Captain America over to Bucky after the whole ‘Siege’ storyline, claiming that he can no longer be Captain America in todays world."


        I thought that was the irrefutable law of comics? Admittedly I don't read them just knew of the law by osmosis.

          @Cymelion Were that still true. Nothing is sacred to current comic writers. I think the only 'fan' law that hasn't been broken is that Uncle Ben is still dead (hopefully). At least in the worst soap operas they stay dead (eventually) just cause of old age.

          @worcroft My bet is by the time a crossover might happen between the two, the Fantastic 4 guys will all be re-cast as teenagers.

          To the costume itself... not a fan of the 'condom top' head. Needs some accessory, maybe not the wings, but something.

    I don’t know about this idea, Captain America was designed right at the start of the second world war, the whole character was essentially a wartime advertisement for how much Americans would kick the Axis forces arse. (his first comic book cover actually had him knocking out Hitler) I don’t think people will appreciate this much blatant symbolism and patriotism. We get it, you love America, don’t shove it down our throats.

    Besides, didn’t this guy die or something?

      Honestly give Cap a shot, I had the same doubts originaly being an Aussie and not wanting YAY AMERICA shoved down my throat. But he is actually a pretty great charecter. I think the key difference to how most people see him and who he actually is, is that he doesn't actually stand for America is great, he more stands for the ideals Americans should strive for, which are pretty universal. He doesn't always agree with what America does and is prepared to fight against them when they are really wrong.

      Also having an Avengers movie without cap would be retarded.

        As long as they dont go overboard with the subtext this movie should be good

      As Ben says, he's not just about "YAY AMERICA", he's about what America strives to be, which can put him at odds with the government.

      For example in the Civil War storyline (which was about whether the US government should be allowed to know the identity of every superhero and register them as government employees), Captain America spoke out against it and led the rebellion (and was considered a traitor to the USA), because it was such a clear cut oppression of the rights and freedoms of superheroes (and put their families in danger etc).

      It might sound a bit silly here but it was actually a very deep and insightful story which mirrors how governments are constantly infringing on our rights and privacy for the sake of a bit of security against "terrorism".

        Agreed. I think the thing to keep note of with Cap is that he's a Patriot, but not a blind Patriot. He's for the people and if the government is doing something he knows the people don't want he tries to use his influence to change things.

        I totally thought he was just a propaganda bot before I started reading it and fell in love with his character. It's interesting to see a character transend it's original purpose

      Almost all comic characters have died at least once at some point. They always find a way to bring them back, or explain how "he never actually died."

    The Chris Evan's thing is a bit odd. I mean I thought they were sticking with the existing F4 actor's for the currently movie cannon.

    Unless they're planning to to dump it and start again ala Eric Bana/Edward Norton Hulk (Norton being the Hulk we will see in the eventual Avengers movie).

      Marvel had nothing to do with the Fantastic Four movies, they don't count towards the marvel movie cannon they're trying to establish since they were made by Fox.

    He looks like an overly airbrushed pretty boy posing in some glamour magazine, not someone who's been through a few battles.

      It's concept art, not what the look of the movie will be, just to show the shapes and lines of the costume and how it will work while moving.

    Am I the only one who finds it a teensy bit ironic that *none* of the Captain America movie is going to be filmed in America? You'd think a film about a comic book character who was created solely for propaganda purposes would be entirely filmed in the states.

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