First Zelda: Skyward Sword Screenshots

Here are the first official screenshots for the new Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword. They let you see clearly for the first time the game's new art style, which blends Twilight Princess' realism with Wind Wakers cel shading.


    ...please tell me you can turn off the horrible images of the wiimote and nunchuck on either side... please...

    ooh, perty! i love the colour palette. i might actually be buying Wii games this year now :D

    I agree the colour palette is nice, but the texture work and details are crap! C'mon Nintendo, other developers manage to give their fans both kick-ass graphics and kickass gameplay. Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves.

      I agree. There is massive potential to look great, but they need to make sure that they capitalise and don't get lazy.

      We've seen that Nintendo are more than capable of detailed and refined art direction before, hopefully they prove it again.
      Character/creature models etc look great to me, but the dirt valley walls, tree trunks and flowers look terrible.

      No they damn well shouldn't! What do Nintendo have to be ashamed of? They're introducing an all-new graphical style and here you are bitching about dirt textures! Get a bit of perspective, lad!

        Hmm I like the art style not so much the designs myself. I find the big heads and big eyes a little TO extreme.

    So vibrant. It's like a halfie between the 'realistic' looks of Ocarina/Majora/Twilight Princess and the more whimsical cartoony of Wind Waker/the recent handheld ones.

    Link is adult, and isn't quite as textured or weathered as his Twilight Princess outfit, but I do love the game-world, so vibrant.

    Cant wait :)

    So, if the art style is a merger of Twilight Princess and the Wind Waker series, then does that mean that this is a re-converging of the separate timelines in the Zelda-verse?

    It looks kinda like that painting world in TES:Oblivion.

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