Fist Of The North Star Gushes More Gore, Retains Japanese Flavour

When Tecmo Koei brings Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage (née Hokuto Musou) to North America this spring, it will be more gore-soaked than ever before. But it will keep one important aspect of its Japanese release.

While we'd previously heard that the new Fist of the North Star built in the Dynasty Warriors style would be more violent upon its journey across the Pacific, we hadn't heard much about the localisation. Tecmo Koei reps at E3 confirmed that the game would stay true to its Japanese roots, with the series colorfully named trademark attacks and finishing moves keeping their Japanese names.

So, don't expect any Rapid Fire Twinkling Position power ups or North Star Hundred Crack Fists to make you giggle amid the showers of gore. Whew!


    That's a lot of blood

    haha looks entertaining. Maybe i can use this game to paint my walls...

    Not enough blood.

    So not reaching Aussie shores.

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