Flower Developer's New Game Is A Multiplayer Adventure

thatgamecompany, the studio responsible for PSN titles Flower and Flow, have had their next game leaked a little early. Ah well. It still looks interesting!

The game is called Journey, and in stark contrast to the solitary focus of their last two games, this is an "online adventure experience", where players are out to explore an alien world. The multiplayer aspect comes from the fact you run into other explorers along the way, and each interaction between players "re-shapes the experience".

It's due for release on the PS3 sometime in 2011.

Journey (PSN) - Screens (E3 2010) thatgamecompany's new game!!! [NeoGAF, Jenova Chen @ Twitter]


    Don't know anything about it except what I just read in this story. And I already know I'm buying it.

      i know just that too and 1 already know im not buying it

    The screen-shots are giving me a "Shadow of the Colossus" vibe.

    Just a small town girl...

    ...Livin' in a looooonely woooOOOooorld.

    She took the midnight train goooooin' A-nyyyy wheeerrreeee

    i agree with url404 - exactly what i was gonna comment ><

    and MattC is the coolest. hahah.

    thatgamecompany? Sold! No point in reading any more about it, day 1 purchase for me, irregardless. Plus the magic of flower was that I had no idea what to expect and was absolutely blown away; I hope to have the same experience with their next game :)

    This has definitely made its way onto my want list with the screen shots alone.

    Thats one of the prettiest things i've ever seen.

    I want this now!

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