Force Unleashed II's E3 Trailer Is Not Fond Of Stormtroopers

This cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is gorgeous, but also feels a little off; I know the room's locked, but even still, I wouldn't trust a few stormtroopers to take out a freakin' Jedi.


    I would, the stormtroopers pewpew'd all the jedi in episode 3 if i remember correctly.

    Goddamn, i kinda wish that anyone other than lucas had directed the movies. coz this trailer, tripping balls

      actually, they weren't storm troopers; they were normal republic clone troops

      Got to say it was Clone Troopers who got the jump on the weaker Jedi's. He had a few seconds to prepare.

      Vader's not stupid enough to walk out before the guy's dead, there is some larger plot going on and Vader wants him to live for his own purposes.

    mmmm clone starscreams

    Awesome trailer ,, now all we need is some gameplay

    I wounder if a nuke would work?

    Freaking swwweeeett!
    Its up there with the Live Action Halo trailers and the AMAZBALLS that was the Cinematic Trailer for Mass Effect 2.

    Seriously - with a bigger budget, more people & brains, a great director - I would love a Halo film made like this. Live action of corse would be greater, but if they can't get their act together and get it into production - this is the next best.

    well vader is probably working a greater plot and requires starkiller alive and as an enemy for the moment

    Looks better than any prequel action scene.

    Love "The Prestige" bunch of clones in underground vat.

    I give points for Vader deciding to create clones of (presumably) Jedi stock. Actually raises the question of why the Republic didn't make the entire clone army out of Jedi's (or at least the second batch), given that it's all biological and probably wouldn't be any harder than using Fett.

    Storm trooper commander: "Forget about your blasters! We're gonna wear him down! Now everyone, run into his sabers!"

    I wish they would make Force Unleashed into a movie.

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