Force Unleashed II's Gameplay Shows Stormtrooper's Aim Has Not Improved

While Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II's cinematic trailer is very impressive, it also contains not a second of gameplay footage. That's what this gameplay clip is for!

Things look much the same as they did back in 2008 with the original, the only real noticeable upgrades being a shinier floor and some nice weather effects. Everything else, from Starkiller's trot to the force powers, looks almost exactly the same.

Then again, Force Unleashed was pretty good, so that's fine by me. So long as they've fixed some dodgy level design and boss fights, this should be one to look out for.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II at


    Be awesome if the Move worked with this.

    I would buy a move purely to cut junk up with a lightsaber in this game.

    Wii has had 4 years to perfect a swordfighting game and has failed (besides a few notable, but not perfect examples)

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