Forget The Slim, Check Out The New Soft Consoles

RabbitRampage's felt consoles, now selling on Etsy [via GameSetWatch]


    The Xbox pillow would be good til it u get RRoD

      Why? I like my room resembling a red light district when I go to sleep at night.

    Some of the best I've seen so far. Great stitching style and consistent design. Especially love the ball/chain thing (they've got a name don't they?)

    The missus tried to make me a felt MacBook a couple of years back. We had a lot of trouble just trying to keep the damn thing slim. :(

    My god that is brilliant! I'm totally buying a little x-box one!... when they get it back in stock... if i remember... damn it..

    Seriously, they are absolutely awesome though.

    How do they work?

    jks jks.

    WHen I read the article I thought someone had actually covered a console in felt or something aslong those lines, then I was going to come here and comment about the liklihood of the systems overheating.

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